Living With Whitespace


Living with Whitespace

It's easy to collect things. All sorts of things. Trinkets, clothes, music, books, bits of paper. The list goes on and on. Collecting things is comforting and exciting. With every new purchase and surprise gift, our collections grow. But why do we continuously desire more? What happened to the concept of living with whitespace?

Identity is our greatest pursuit.

We seek to define ourselves in every aspect of our lives — our personal appearance and fashion choices, our morals and values, our relationships, our houses and furnishings, as well as our careers and ambitions. We quest for authenticity of self, yet are never quite sure what it is that we are seeking. So, we continuously add to our collections hoping to stumble upon those precious few things that resonate with our souls.

Living in a society obsessed with having the largest collection has filled our homes with things, yet left us feeling emptier than ever before. If everything we own is deemed to be important, then nothing is important. Without whitespace there can be no true identity.

Defining your identity takes both collection and curation.

As the years pass, our collections can become quite full. Instead of filling us with excitement and the hope of new possibilities, our things become a burden. A burden in our homes, as well as in our hearts. Give yourself permission to let go of the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Sever ties with the anchors of your material possessions and emotional baggage.

Whitespace is not the absence of things.

Though the curation process should be decisive and brutally honest, there is no need to eliminate everything. Whitespace may be mistaken for minimalism, but they are vastly differently. Instead, the goal is to remove the clutter so that the remaining items are given the emphasis and appreciation that they deserve.

Embrace whitespace in life.

While our collections of things, and our constant pursuit for identity drive us forward, it’s essential to intentionally seek out whitespace in all areas of life. Stop and smell the roses, admire a painting, take a deep breath and relish in the freedom of living with whitespace.